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LMN Group
203 Linden Street
Santa Cruz, CA 95062
  LMN Group provides cost-effective, rapid response, design and communication solutions for businesses who need to maximize their outsourced marketing budget. With over a decade of experience, through bear and bull markets, we have successfully guided the marketing needs of a variety of companies from technology giants, to hopeful startups and a number of non-profit organizations.

Tim Sawyer, Partner. Tim is responsible for both strategic thinking and writing, and much of the creative implementation. Tim's background comes from the agency side with 14 years of experience in the advertising world. Zenith Television at FCB, Wrigleys Gum at BBDO, and Gatorade at Bayer Bess Vanderwalker, were some of the major stepping stones of his career before moving to the technology world. Tim graduated from Bath Academy of Art in England.

Dennis Gobets brings amost three decades of large company branding and production experience to LMN. As a charter member of Apple's Creative Services department, Dennis worked on some of the pivitol branding pieces in Apple's history. Experience in marketing communications at Intel, Cisco and IDT taught Dennis how to produce the wide variety of branding elements required to do business at today's breakneck speeds. Dennis graduated from UC Santa Barbara in Psychology and studied fine art at UCSB's College of Creative Studies.